Autumn Leaves

This Autumn, 2022, I’ve been concentrating on mostly maple leaves with my gourds. This first gourd in this series gave me an opportunity to turn an oops into an aah. A section of three leaves broke off basically at the moment I finished painting the entire piece. At first my plan was to glue it back in place. However, this idea came to me to add it to a different area making it more three dimensional. That idea led to cutting and painting extra leaves which I then added to the base.

Continuing with this idea of taking my gourd sculptures to a new level, I have cut extra leaves on the next three gourds in this series.

The inside of #81 (above) was so lovely, I chose to not paint it.

#83 is tiny by comparison. Cutting, sanding the backs of these leaves (below), and painting them presented quite the challenge:

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