Functional Art

Bookmarks, Meditation Cubes and Beads, Pendants, Puzzles, Clocks.

I cut and sand each bookmark to prepare it for burning. Barely 1/8″ thick and about 6″ long, they are designed on a variety of woods.

Meditation Beads and Cubes: burning them is a meditative process. Instructions for use: hold the object in your fingers, move it around and follow the design with your eyes, breathe and relax. These are low-tech focusing tools.

Pendants have been fun, and sold well. The one that I still have is not for sale since it is in my collection of jewelry.

Puzzles: I lightly sketch out the design yet make adaptations while I am cutting with my scroll saw. The Leaf Puzzle (sold), though only 33 pieces, is quite the challenge.

I have completed two clocks (Bird Watching Time & Nine Birdies Clock [which was sold in March 2018]). I am now working on several desk clocks that do not take up wall space.