Gourd Art: leaves, owls, and such:

First four gourds done in this manner: I drilled the ‘filagree’ areas of the leaf gourds with a Dremel-like tool. SOLD: the first on the left and the last on the right.
Deciding to paint some of the leaves, leaving the others the natural color of the gourd and burned areas. SOLD
The fourth gourd, again, choosing to paint only some of the leaves. SOLD

Above: #3:. Since I have a history of creating birch paintings, I chose to use my Proxxon mini jigsaw to cut this piece. No burning on this one.

BELOW: #7: working outside of the ‘box’ – more three-dimensional design.

I understand that the shape of some of these narrow “People” gourds can be distracting to the viewer (some a bit phallic, some bringing other images to mind). When you view them, I ask that you focus on the artwork I have created and how I have integrated the imagery with the shape and the natural coloring of the gourd itself.

Above: Art & Garden Tour: June 2021

Above: #21 (10″ tall including rock). I was determined to shape the bottom part of the gourd to fit the shape of the rock, a real challenge.

Above: #26: 12″ tall.

Above: #30, #32, #31 (left to right) – 5″ – 6″ tall.

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