Mixed Media Gourd Leaf Series

Starting in February 2023, I began a new gourd series, cutting leaves from gourds, sanding the backs of each leaf, painting them, and then gluing them onto wood or bark.

The first in this series: Leaves from gourds glued to a live-edge 17″ long slab of wood.

Each of these pieces is unique. I consider each live-edge wood board and each piece of bark my canvas. Each canvas never to be repeated, never to be available again.

Above: Scroll saw. Cutting backing. Ready to glue bark onto the backing for stability.

Left: #5 (14″). Top Right: #6 (8″ ). Bottom Right: #7 (7 1/2″)

#8: mixed media gourd leaf series. 11″ long with moss on the top right.
#9 mixed media: 9 1/2″ x 6″
#10 mixed media: 4 1/2″ x
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