The Studio

My husband’s family purchased this home in 1947.  When Bill and I were married in 1983 we bought the house from his parents.  One of the wonderful aspects about this home is that although it is on the main street, the house is set back about 400 feet, giving it an air of privacy, especially during the summer months when the house disappears behind the trees.  Visitors to Maple Brook often speak about an overall feeling of comfort and calm…, a good energy place.   

My art studio was originally built in the 1960s as an in-law apartment for Bill’s maternal grandparents. As I walk from the main house into the studio, I often feel as if I am walking into a special space where creativity thrives.

I invite you to make an appointment to visit.  Viewing my work online is okay, but seeing it in person is much better. Open year round by appointment. Call 860-916-4232 to schedule your visit!

Pyrography Work Station

Aline Hoffman, pyrographer.